IAQ: Not Just a Spring Concern

As the season turns to cooler fall (and soon, winter) weather here in Nashville, we all start spending more time indoors. This is the time when indoor air quality problems come back in full force to make family members feel uncomfortable. Find out why fall is an especially important time to consider indoor air quality (IAQ) — and what you can do to improve home health this season.

Fall Means More Indoor Activities

As the temperatures fall and days shorten, everyone moves inside for typical fall activities: cooking and baking for the holidays, watching sports, and building cozy fires to ward away the cold. You might even track in fall allergens with you, such as leaf mold and ragweed.

All these inside activities can increase the amount of air pollution inside your home. Sources of fall indoor air pollution can include:

  • Combustion gases from cooking & heating, including carbon monoxide

  • Particulates from smoke

  • Allergens, including pollen and mold

  • Viruses and bacteria as cold and flu season starts

  • Dust that has collected over the years in your ductwork

  • Excess moisture and mold

  • Radon gas

Indoor Air Pollution Can Make You Sick

Even though you can’t see it, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can exacerbate asthma symptoms and even make you sick. The IAQ experts at E3 INNOVATE can help you take steps to eliminate sources of this invisible danger, so you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are breathing cleaner and healthier air at home. Our multifaceted approach eliminates common indoor air problems in the Nashville, TN area.

Start Improving IAQ with an Energy Audit

Our comprehensive energy audit can identify where your home may be vulnerable to pollutant infiltration and build up. In our area, moisture poses a significant problem — from damp crawl spaces to excess humid air seeping in from outside via air leaks.

Our professional E3 INNOVATE energy auditor will be able to pinpoint small gaps and cracks in your home’s walls, floors and ceilings where outside air is leaking in. Once we locate these air leaks, our air sealing team can fill them using a customized approach. Your energy auditor will also check for combustion safety to ensure that dangerous gases like carbon monoxide are not building up inside your home. We’ll also check for invisible radon gas, which can pose serious long term health risks, but is easily mitigated when detected.

Take These Steps to Eliminate Contaminants

With such a long list of potential indoor pollutants, the IAQ pros at E3 INNOVATE pursue a holistic approach to improving your indoor environment. With your energy audit and testing data in hand, we’ll develop a customized, step-by-step plan for reducing moisture, dust and allergens, and other allergens, all while improving your home’s overall comfort and safety.

Some common solutions we incorporate into our proposals for Tennessee homeowners include:

  • Crawlspace encapsulation can keep out moisture and prevent mold growth that triggers allergic reactions.

  • Duct cleaning & sealing prevents dust and allergens from collecting in your HVAC system and circulating throughout your home — a big improvement for indoor air quality.

  • Air purification works with your HVAC system to remove even more allergens and germs from your indoor air.

  • Ventilation removes stale and contaminated indoor air and replaces it fresh, filtered air from the outdoors.

Improve your family’s health with healthy indoor air. Our holistic approach to IAQ can resolve indoor air pollution. Call 615-247-5337 or contact us to learn more.