Radon Mitigation: Just One Part of a Healthy Home

As a Nashville homeowner, you have probably heard about the dangers of radon exposure and about how radon is a health risk to the inhabitants of your home. Radon gas is a naturally occuring, odorless, invisible gas that is known to cause lung cancer. It is also a known problem for Middle Tennessee homes. Reducing your risk of radon exposure is an important part of maintaining a healthy home, but radon mitigation is one part of the healthy home process!

How Radon Enters a Home

If you don’t see it, smell it, or tase it, how does radon, the second leading cause for lung cancer in the US, infiltrate your home? Radon is a byproduct of the breakdown of uranium in the water and soil beneath your house. When radon is present underneath your home, it will infiltrate through well water; exposed soil in your crawlspace; and through cracks and gaps in your home’s foundation and fireplaces.

So how can I tell if there’s radon in my home?

Unfortunately, even if radon levels were safe when you moved in and your neighbors do not have radon, there is no sure-fire way to know you do not have a radon exposure issue unless you test for it through a healthy home professional. E3 INNOVATE recommends testing for radon at least once every two years.

How do I get rid of radon?

E3 INNOVATE installs radon mitigation systems and applies other measure to seal the crawlspace and foundation of your home. This process is key to maintaining peace of mind when it comes to keeping your family safe from radon; but there is much more to the equation when it comes to maintaining a truly healthy home!

What Makes a Healthy Home

At E3 INNOVATE, our years of experience making homes (and the people inside of them) healthier here in Nashville revolves around the Whole Home Approach. This whole home philosophy requires looking at the home as a system and understanding the interconnectivity of each system within the home. Removing the radon from your home does not address the underlying reason the radon is infiltrating in the first place! Encapsulating your crawlspace and air sealing your home will reduce the amount of radon that your home is allowing inside, but increasing the air seal of your home may render your heating and cooling equipment too large.

The last piece of a healthy home is controlling the humidity (especially here in the South) and properly ventilating any other harmful contaminants that arise in your home. These can be from the cleaning chemicals you use, off-gassing particles from the materials that make up your home’s construction, and other allergens that enter through open doors and windows. As you can tell, every system in your home is connected, and that is why the whole home approach is the most effective way to achieve a truly healthy home!

Want a Healthy Home? Start With an Energy Audit

If you aren’t sure where to start with your healthy home upgrades, we always recommend starting with an energy audit. This is a comprehensive diagnostic exam of your home from top to bottom, which will expose any and all areas of your home that are contributing to reduced indoor air quality, less-than-adequate home comfort, and high energy bills. So if you are concerned that the radon levels of your home have changed since you moved in, give the Nashville experts at E3 INNOVATE a call!

Experience a truly healthy home, from top to bottom. Schedule your energy audit today! Call us at (615) 697-4883 or contact us.