The Whole Home Approach to Keeping your Family Healthy

We hear a lot of homeowners say things like “All I really need to do is get a new furnace. Then my home will be comfortable!” or something like, “Once we get those new windows installed, our home will be good as new!”.  But in our time making Nashville’s homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthier, E3 INNOVATE has found that you can’t just fix one problem without causing another.

When it comes to upgrading your home performance, it is integral to take your whole home into account. A home is like an ecosystem, where each micro-system affects the others. Making a change to your windows may have an effect on your home heating and cooling equipment, or changes in your crawlspace could cause issues with radon levels and the health of your family. E3 INNOVATE stands by the whole home approach to living healthier and more comfortable at home, and here's why.

The Home Is Where The Heart Is, Literally

Taking care of the air you breathe is integral to your health, especially when you consider how much time you spend at home. Even for a workaholic, if all you’re doing is sleeping in your home you’re breathing that air inside of it! Symptoms of an unhealthy home include:

  • Mood changes & anxiety

  • Respiratory agitation & related symptoms

  • Frequent headaches

  • Skin, throat & sinus irritation

Taking these measures to increase your indoor air quality can improve the health of your home:

Radon Mitigation

Davidson County is known for having high  radon levels. Radon is a naturally occuring, odorless and tasteless chemical that can cause radiation sickness even in small levels.

Ventilation and Dehumidification

With the rampant humidity here in the south, mold growth is unfortunately common. Taking active steps to remove that humidity, ventilate any harmful allergens or contaminants and purify your air will keep your home more comfortable, and increase the quality of the air you breathe.

Air Sealing

Air sealing is the process of closing up any holes, gaps and cracks in the construction of your home. This reduces the contaminants and unconditioned air that can freely enter your living space, reducing the air quality and effectiveness of your home heating and cooling equipment.


If your home has deteriorated insulation, you are losing heat in the winter and the summer heat is infiltrating to the indoors. Insulation’s role in your home comfort is to prevent any heat transfer through the walls, attic, and crawlspace of your home. This can have a considerable effect on how hard your heating and cooling equipment has to work to keep your home at the temperature you set on your thermostat.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

It’s easy to forget the crawlspace, but the space under your feet is a hidden spot for moisture buildup, pests, energy loss, and unwanted temperatures. Getting a grip on the vapor barrier and insulation of your crawlspace will set the rest of your home up for health and comfort all year round!

Sizing Your HVAC Equipment

The “bigger is better” mentality should be left to the size of your solar array, not your home heating and cooling equipment. Properly sizing your furnace and air conditioner will help save money  on your energy over time, and it will also save you a headache or two. When your heating and cooling equipment is too large, it turns on and off rather quickly. This constant on and off wastes fuel, and can cause premature failure in the starting mechanisms. Equipment that is too small will stay on endlessly, causing unnecessary wear and tear without quite reaching the required temperature to keep you comfortable.

Connecting the Whole Home, with E3 INNOVATE

Getting a proper air seal in your home will be less effective if you don’t also mitigate your risk for radon, and if you are going to air seal your home it’s also imperative that your home is properly ventilated and dehumidified. Any upgrades in insulation or a crawlspace encapsulation could mean that you no longer need a large furnace. By taking a systems approach to home performance, you can reduce the risks of complications that may arise related to comfort, durability, efficiency, or more importantly your family’s health.

So, how can you get started? It all begins with a professional energy audit from E3 INNOVATE. If you are looking to live in a healthier home, make sure you trust the Nashville contractor that will take your whole home into account!

Treat the fundamental health of your whole home, not just the symptoms. Call E3 INNOVATE to start breathing easier today, (615) 876-5479 or contact us.