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There are those moments during a project where you just get stuck. Perhaps what looked great on paper is not working out in reality, or the installation of equipment is not going as planned. Maybe you received a request for solar ready or geothermal ready plans, and you’re not sure where in the process these could be added. Rather than wasting time and money chasing your proverbial tail, contact us for our Construction Guidance. We offer the tools and the know-how we’ve acquired over the years as Middle Tennessee’s leader in energy performance.

Words of wisdom, a third eye, and extra hands to help.

Having our Construction Consulting professionals on your job site means having more teammates. Our E3 Strategy team will be there to share ideas, create solutions to unexpected problems, and provide assurance as a third party that all of the work is done efficiently and with integrity. And if you need an extra pair of hands to hold down a piece of plywood, we can do that too.

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What’s included in Construction Consulting?

Expert on-site advice gained through years of training and hands-on experience. Imagine being able to call chef Emeril Lagasse every time your potatoes don’t come out right. We’re like the Emeril of the home-performance world. Bam!

Oh, come on. Isn’t the E3 Strategy team a bunch of desk jockeys? Do you guys really know your way around a construction site?

While we do spend plenty of time keeping our brains busy with the latest energy design software and debating the merits of degree days, we like getting our hands dirty just as much as the next guy (or gal). Much of our time is spent in the field, putting our ideas and designs to the test. We might wear pocket protectors, but we often use them for hand tools.

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