You are not a robot. You are a living, breathing entity whose schedule is constantly changing and whose time is extremely valuable. Stop wasting it by wrestling with a standard programmable thermostat that does not allow for any variations in your day-to-day routine. You shouldn't have to worry about humidity or dangerous elements in your home. That's why we recommend humidity sensors for our ventilation systems and install carbon monoxide detectors. Also, why worry about having to constantly replace the disposable charcoal filter in your water pitcher when a better, easier water filtration systems exist?


With E3 INNOVATE’s home automation options, your home will automatically adjust to your lifestyle, allowing you to focus more on what’s truly important, such as spending time with loved ones or simply enjoying a cup of tea. You’re only human, after all. Leave the routine to the robots. Make your home a smart house with smart technology. Here's how.

Home automation solutions.

Nest™ thermostats and Wifi-enabled systems

Can't stand programming thermostats? Forgot to change the A/C when you left for vacation? Schedule fluctuates day-to-day or week-to-week? Need a carbon monoxide detector too? No problem. Wifi-enabled thermostat systems like Nest™ have it covered. While standard programmable thermostats allow homeowners the capability to set different temperatures for different times, they do not take into account schedule changes, vacations, and other fluctuating variables the way a thermostat in a smart home does. Nest™ thermostats, automatically adjust to your ever-changing routine. They also interface with smartphones and tablets, so you can control them from anywhere in the world.

Water filtration systems

Why worry about having to constantly replace the disposable charcoal filter in your water purifier when you can completely restore water’s purity before it gets to your faucet? Our water filtration systems utilize RO water filters, uv water filters, water sensors, and a water monitor to eliminate the most common challenging issues: cloudy water, rust or blue-green staining, bacteria and viruses, hard water, chlorine, and rotten egg smell. More effective than pitcher-type filters, these reverse osmosis water filters treat the water that flows from all faucets in your house.

Auto-sensor ventilation and lighting

Many residential exhaust fans are either improperly installed or incorrectly sized, and do not adequately remove moisture and pollutants. Additionally, both exhaust fans and light fixtures can be a drain on energy, adding to high utility bills. E3 INNOVATE offers Energy Star rated humidity sensor ventilation and lighting strategies that turn on and off automatically and use much less energy than the standard systems.

Ultra-efficient water heaters

Whereas traditional water heaters are a constant source of energy drain and can cause issues such as mildew and mold, our ultra-efficient water heaters save you energy, can lower indoor humidity and can provide instant hot water in any part of your house. Our water heaters come in two varieties: heat pump water and tankless, both of which offer extreme efficiency. Contact us to find out which works best for your needs.

Velux Sun Tunnel™ skylights

Bring beautiful, natural daylight into any area of your home, including bathrooms and hallways with Velux Sun Tunnel™ skylights. Commonly referred to as “solar tubes,” these skylights are cylindrical tubes that allow sunlight to pour out of small, attractive, circular skylights in your ceiling. The natural lighting is much more pleasing to the eye than that of light bulbs, and there is no energy required to use them.


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Oh, please. Here we go again with the filtered water thing. City water is just fine and filter systems are just a gimmick, right?

Although city water has been treated and is generally good quality, by the time it gets to your faucet, it can have any and all of the things mentioned above: cloudy water, rust or blue-green staining, bacteria and viruses, hard water, chlorine, and rotten egg smell. If it wasn’t important, we wouldn’t be concerned about it. But it is. So we are.

What’s so special about Velux Sun Tunnel™ skylights? Can’t I just put an old fashioned skylight in?

There are many areas in a home that aren’t conducive to traditional skylights, such as bathrooms, hallways, and even large spaces that have prohibitive ceiling framing. It’d be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Besides, there’s something pretty slick about undercover skylights that at first glance appear to be standard recessed lights.

I’m proud to say I’ve never had a problem programming thermostats. That means I don’t need a Nest™ thermostat, right?

First of all, E3 is hiring and could use brainpower like yours. Secondly, although one of the nice things about the Nest™ is its ease of programming, there are many other things that set it apart. Most importantly, it automatically adjusts to you coming and going as you please, as opposed to conventional programmable thermostats that have no wiggle room when it comes to scheduling.

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