Prepare for the Future with a High-Efficiency Home Build or Retrofit

Submitted by priscilla on Mon, 04/16/2018 - 08:33
If you’re thinking about building a new home or renovating your existing one, there are many decisions to be made. One of the largest considerations is whether to make the investment in building with efficiency in mind or simply settling for the minimum or baseline standard.

What do y'all do?

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People often call us and say, “I saw your vehicles in my neighborhood the other day. What do you y’all do?” Well, the short answer is, we do a lot! E3 helps existing homeowners fix issues related to comfort, moisture, indoor air quality, and high energy bills. We also help homeowners and builders design, build, commission, and test new high performance and fully integrated homes.


Existing Homes

Weathering the storm

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Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought a lot of rain to Nashville. How did your crawlspace weather the storms? 

Moisture issues in crawlspaces are as common as pumpkins in October. That's why it's important to check on things under your house on a regular basis. Moisture in crawlspaces can accumulate in a number of ways, including: