Keeping Our Homes Healthy with Proper Ventilation

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January is Radon Awareness Month. Although radon is probably the most popular indoor air contaminant, there are others we should be aware of. Particulates from mold, dust, dander, and pollen as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and combustion gasses are often found inside our homes. Exposure to indoor air contaminants is inevitable, but proper ventilation can help reduce our exposure and help homeowners in Nashville, TN create healthier homes. 

Chasing Radon

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E3 was recently featured in Home Energy Magazine! The latest article was a follow up to one published in the winter of 2018. Both articles describe a complicated radon issue in a large home in Nashville, TN. 

The first article, "Solving the Unintended Consequences of a Home Performance Renovation," describes the initial concerns the homeowners were facing with radon and odors. At the end of this cliff hanger, we were able to reduce radon levels from 15 to 4.1 pCi/L. 

Radon and Your Family (Radon Awareness Month)

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You can’t see, smell, or feel radon when it’s in your Nashville home, so what steps can you take to protect your family? January is National Radon Action Month, and E3 INNOVATE wants you to know about the dangers of radon and how to properly mitigate radon from your home through crawlspace encapsulation.

The Cause & Effects of an Unhealthy Home

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From your attic to your crawlspace, tiny air leaks, inefficient ductwork and lack of insulation could be contributing to an increase in headaches, allergies and other symptoms you experience in your home. Learn how E3 INNOVATE utilizes the whole home approach to make your Nashville home healthier.

Radon Action Month: How Radon Can Affect Your Health

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January is National Radon Action Month. What is the risk of radon exposure in your Nashville home? The healthy home experts at E3 INNOVATE will walk you through the risk of radon here in Tennessee and what you can do to avoid it. Schedule your radon testing and mitigation with E3 INNOVATE today!

Radon study provides unintuitive results

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E3 is currently conducting a neighborhood radon study in different areas across Nashville to get a sense of the variation within neighborhoods. The age of the homes varied, as did their foundation types. Some of those who have participated so far are E3 clients, while others are not. Our initial findings are, well, interesting to say the least. Although we like to nerd out on data and techie stuff, we thought you might actually find the results interesting too. 


Is your house feeling dry? Here’s why.

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As we move into the winter season, you may notice that the summer humidity is gone and the lack-their-of is now causing other types of problems. Dry indoor conditions can be just as miserable as high humidity levels, but for different reasons. When indoor humidity is low, we experience not only dry, itchy skin but also static electricity, dry respiratory pathways, and we create more desirable breading conditions for bacteria and viruses. Low humidity levels can also affect wood furniture, musical instruments, and hardwood floors.

Weathering the storm

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Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought a lot of rain to Nashville. How did your crawlspace weather the storms? 

Moisture issues in crawlspaces are as common as pumpkins in October. That's why it's important to check on things under your house on a regular basis. Moisture in crawlspaces can accumulate in a number of ways, including:

Top-Ten Ways to Improve the Health of Your Home in 2017

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As we set our health resolutions for the new year, we may choose to eat more organic foods, drink more pure water, and get outside more to exercise and breath in clean air. But as we focus on the health of our body, let’s not forget about the health of our home. Here are ten simple ways you can protect your whole family’s health by improving the health of your indoor environment.


1. Check for radon