Keeping Our Homes Healthy with Proper Ventilation

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January is Radon Awareness Month. Although radon is probably the most popular indoor air contaminant, there are others we should be aware of. Particulates from mold, dust, dander, and pollen as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and combustion gasses are often found inside our homes. Exposure to indoor air contaminants is inevitable, but proper ventilation can help reduce our exposure and help homeowners in Nashville, TN create healthier homes. 

Codes Changes in Davidson County - What does this mean for new construction?

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Changes to the Residential Energy Code in Davidson County Tennessee

Davidson County recently adopted the 2018 residential building codes, without amendments. What does this mean for new construction projects in and around Nashville? Below is a summary of the major changes and important components that will require special attention.

What changed regarding building envelope and mechanical systems? 

2018 Energy Codes Adopted by Davidson County

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Better Building Codes Means Healthier Homes for Nashvillians!

We are excited to share breaking news! Just a few weeks ago, a very important bill made its way through Metro Council. Mayor Cooper signed an ordinance that updates the county's residential building code from 2012 standards to 2018 standards, a big move for sustainability, energy efficiency, and healthier homes!

Striving for High Performance with RECOs

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States and municipalities across the US have implemented a number of strategies to increase the performance of the residential market. After all, this sector of the economy accounts for about $32Trillion, more than the commercial real estate market, according to Housing Wire. Enforcement of building codes is one way to do this, RECOs are another.

Chasing Radon

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E3 was recently featured in Home Energy Magazine! The latest article was a follow up to one published in the winter of 2018. Both articles describe a complicated radon issue in a large home in Nashville, TN. 

The first article, "Solving the Unintended Consequences of a Home Performance Renovation," describes the initial concerns the homeowners were facing with radon and odors. At the end of this cliff hanger, we were able to reduce radon levels from 15 to 4.1 pCi/L. 

An E3 High Performance Home Sells Effortlessly in Madison, TN

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Anita moved to Nashville from California in 2018. She was looking to start a new life in a new place. A new job, a new house, and even a new relationship welcomed her to Music City. Anita invested in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Madison and purchased a home that had already gone through interior remodeling. New paint, flooring, windows, and even a remodeled kitchen had been installed before she purchased the home, which gave it definite curb appeal. 

Is Your Old Heating and Cooling System Making You Sick?

Submitted by jacquelyn on Mon, 08/31/2020 - 10:42
If you have been experiencing an increase in allergy like symptoms, or worsening symptoms from underlying health issues since spending more time inside your Nashville home, it could be caused by your HVAC system. E3 INNOVATE specializes in indoor air quality testing, and AC repairs for people with health problems.

The Importance of Ventilation in a Healthy Home

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When contaminants like pollen, carbon monoxide, radon, and pet dander enter the air in your home, how are they going to get out? E3 INNOVATE uncovers the importance of ventilating your home for healthier indoor air quality. E3 offers professional ventilation services like whole-house ventilation systems, bathroom fans, and more.

Air Purifier: Is It Worth It?

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Learn about why a portable air purifier may not be the solution to all of your indoor air quality problems, especially if you suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies. E3 INNOVATE uncovers what goes into increasing the health of your Tennessee home using proper air sealing and whole home purification.