Whole-Home Upgrade | Green Hills


The homeowners initially called E3 INNOVATE about indoor air quality and mold concerns. They knew they were also getting close to needing a new HVAC system in their home. After thorough testing, E3 created a plan that would address the air quality issue and provie other asthetic improvements to the home, including new modern ceiling fans and upgraded livingroom lighting. 

The homeowners also expanded their project to create a new finished office space in what was recently an unused portion of the attic. 

Now living in the home for a few weeks after the renovation work, the homeowner had this to say:

We have most definitely noticed a different sense in the house!! It is significant. Peaceful. The house isn’t having to work as hard, so things are more consistent temp wise and quiet operationally. The new fans look great and contribute to that good air flow and the new paint and lighting looks really great - especially loving the wall lighting and the way it disperses light into the rooms and doesn’t interfere with the fan movement, and the warm vibe of the new LED's. And most definitely a better smell in basement and first floor!! All of these combined makes it feel like a new home in many ways. I am still taking it all in - it’s very significant the shift. Very exciting - we have much gratitude. It’s the kind of stuff that people don’t know they are missing until they experience it!

- Mary Kate