Invest Your 2018 Tax Refund in Your Family’s Home

It’s that time of year — tax season. While it’s usually a pain to get everything together if you haven’t been staying on top of it throughout the year, it’s often worth it when you receive that coveted tax refund. You might already have big plans for that money — a vacation or savings, but what if you could actually invest it into your home? It is a great opportunity to invest extra money and create a monthly dividend (similar to an annuity).

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency and seeing savings month after month on your air conditioning and heating bills, as well as increasing your comfort and your home’s health is a worthwhile investment that also increases the value of your home. In order to know exactly where to invest in your home, you need to start with an E3 energy audit.

Start with an Energy Audit

Understanding what’s causing issues such as discomfort, high energy bills, and poor indoor air quality begins with an energy audit performed by a trained and certified expert. At E3 INNOVATE, we offer three levels of energy audits to ensure that you get the information you need most. Our energy audit options include:

  • Basic Inspection

This energy audit will give you a sense of the top-level improvements your home would need for improved comfort and efficiency. For only $260*, it includes a walk-through evaluation, thermal imaging, and a radon test.

  • Extensive Diagnostic

A more detailed version of the Basic Inspection, our $640* Extensive Diagnostic energy audit includes everything from the basic version, as well as duct system and home testing to locate the causes of comfort and moisture issues. This package ensures you have the recommendations you need for improved home performance, comfort, and ultimately, value.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic

The Comprehensive Diagnostic version of our energy audit includes everything from the Extensive Diagnostic, in addition to a detailed indoor air quality evaluation. With sensors that track humidity, temperature, and air contaminants, this $1420* option is ideal for any households where individuals suffer from respiratory illnesses as well as, asthma and allergies.

*Ask us for more details. Pricing applies to a house up to 3,000 square feet and one primary duct system.

Invest in Your Home’s Efficiency, Comfort & Health

Regardless of which energy audit you choose, you’ll receive a complete analysis of which improvements can help your home the most. Although it depends on your home, improvements such as air sealing, additional insulation, and HVAC system upgrades, among others, will go a long way towards improving home comfort, efficiency, and health. Investing your tax refund into your home with upgrades that will keep on giving back for years is the best thing you can do for your family.

Find Your Home Solution with Help from E3 INNOVATE

At E3, we work with homes and homeowners here in the Nashville area to ensure that they’re  properly investing in the best home comfort, energy efficiency, and healthy indoor air quality upgrades possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions and help you make the right decision for your family home.

Make sure you invest your tax refund wisely this year by improving your home. Start with an energy audit. Give us a call at (615) 876-5479 or contact us today!


*Ask us for more details. Pricing applies to a house up to 3,000 square feet and one primary duct system.